Over the past few years, I have transitioned from the documentary world into the commercial world. Currently, I make branded content and commercials with a lot of talented sub-contractors. I am the little voice in the back of your head asking if anyone will connect with (or care about) the video you want to make.

This is strange but true, I’m a one eyed filmmaker who transformed his prosthetic eye into a wireless video camera to become a bionic documentary maker. Time Magazine named the Eyeborg cam as one of the 50 best inventions of the year. I also made a weird Canadian cult classic documentary a few years back called Let’s All Hate Toronto.

I bring a client friendly creative discipline to my work from concept to completion. Some of my clients – Ford, Bullfrog Power, Hill and Knowlton, Havas Worldwide Canada, The Tite Group, Absolut Vodka, Salesforce, Bell Media, Volvo, Showcase, Home Hardware, Stoneleigh Wine.